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Finding Spiritual Flowers Amongst Life's Weeds

Nine Lives

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We keep all but one of our babies inside. Yoda was an inside/outside cat when we lived on a culdesac and had very few neighbors/traffic. We tried keeping him inside once we moved here but he was absolutely miserable and began attacking the other cats so we made the hard decision to allow him to venture out. He is so happy when he is outside. I’ve watched Yoda stop at the end of the driveway and watch for cars to pass by before he would cross many times. He is so smart.

But today was different.

I saw Yoda playing in the grassy area across the street and then he began to walk towards to the woods. I called him from the foyer (looking out the screen door). He turned, and began the fastest run toward the house I’ve ever seen him do. He was about 50 yards away and in a sprint. About that time I heard a car coming from the left. The car appeared just as Yoda was feet away from reaching the road. I screamed knowing the timing would be the end of my Yoda. My heart was beating and panic took in as I ran out the door. But instead of finding my Yoda laying in the road, where by all calculations he should have been, he sat at the driveway, licking his paw and looking at me as if to wonder why in the world I was in such a panic. I don’t know why, but I am so thankful the Lord scooted his legs fast enough to beat that car. Between the car going so fast and Yoda darting out so fast there’s no way the car could have stopped in time. I will go through the rest of this day a little more thankful than I was an hour ago and will enjoy his sweet snuggling just a wee bit longer.


Author: slpaden

I was a single mother of one for nearly 11 years. I know the hardships that come along with that title. Throughout those years of early adulthood, I lived a life full of lies and deception until I turned 28. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. The alcohol, drugs, and lies had caught up with me. I had lost everything. On July 7, 1998, I put down the cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol in order to begin breaking the cycle of addiction, but something was still missing. I was still empty. I needed someone who would love me unconditionally, who would never leave me and never forsake me, who would guide me . . . . who I could trust. I had been looking for love and acceptance in every man I could find and was still without hope. But . . . on October, 19, 1998, just over 90 days into sobriety, I realized I couldn't do this thing called life on my own. I needed a Savior . . . the one that would love me unconditionally and accept me for all my failures. And on that day I asked Jesus in to my heart. The decision to follow Christ and ask Him in to my heart has been the best decision I have ever made. Since that day, the road of healing began. I have learned and continue to learn there are several layers of healing, but through it all, He has never abandoned me. I've been blessed with restoration of my family. God blessed me with a husband that didn't care about my sketchy past and blessed us with two additional children. My oldest is now married and has blessed me with two amazing grandchildren. My son was diagnosed with Asperger's, Tourette Syndrome, a mood disorder, Sensory, Anxiety, and a sleep disorder. My daughter has been diagnosed with OCD, Sensory, Anxiety, and Tics. Through all these transitions and challenges, the Lord has been so faithful. He has carried me in my weakness, bottled every tear, prodded me to ask questions and taught me to be a voice for my children. There have been days I have questioned why the Lord would think I am strong enough to parent two special needs children, but what He has shown me is that through my weakness He becomes my strength. Our family is also involved with fostering and rescuing animals. While we aren't as active as we used to be, and I have to say no a lot, I am amazed at how the Lord provides when He allows me to say, "yes."

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