Free To Be Me

Living Life Free, Filled With Hope


The day was October 19, 1998.

Stacey Paden was a thief, a liar, a drunk, and an adulterer.

She had imprisoned herself to an alcohol addiction that was robbing her of everything life had offered. How could she possibly escape this man-made prison and reclaim her life?

She couldn’t – BUT God could.

As she slowly sat down in her gold 1970’s suede chair and asked Jesus to take control of the mess she had created, He reached out for her with open arms and rescued her from the claws of addiction.

He restored her hope, her joy and gave her a peace that is indescribable.

When she stood up from that gold suede chair, she stood up a child of the most high King….a princess. God has walked her through the steep mountains and the deep valleys of sobriety for 23 years. He has been healing her broken heart one day at a time, one step at a time, and is restoring her life.

She is free! 

Stacey enjoys leading Bible Studies and sharing the hope of Christ to women of every walk of life. She has experienced great forgiveness in her life, both the giver and receiver. She has experienced restoration of relationships and seen God move incredibly through her life. She also knows the trials women face raising special needs children and works hard to keep balance in her life. Her heart’s desire is to help women know their worth and help them find their beauty in Christ as she shares her story of redemption. She currently leads studies to a group of women coming out of jail and addiction in The Charis House ministry several times a week. 

Her other favorite past time is being behind the lens, capturing moments in time that reach to a person’s core.  You can follow her at

John 8:32, You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

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